What I want to be

Like every other child, I have gone through phases of ‘careers’: I started out wanting to be a doctor, then a nurse, then any career I learnt or heard about (pilot, air hostess, etc) and once, when I learnt the meaning of the word housewife, I told my mum I wanted to be a housewife […]

My Roommate, my mesho

Before we closed for the holiday, I drafted a post but never got to post it. The first time, I typed it on my friends laptop and accidentally deleted it. The second time I typed it up and got ready to post it, but it somehow got lost. Just like that. So I gave up […]

Know that you hate high heels

Get to know yourself. Know that you are lazy and it takes you an hour to actually get out of bed in the morning because you are having a silly conversation with your friend on Whatsapp and you are trying to get over that level on Candy Crash. Know that you actually hate milk in […]

Love Thyself

I was making supper this evening and I had a lot to do at once; clean the dishes, cook rice, get the kitchen in order, make salad, et cetera. My cousin is here for a while and she was giving me a hand. I was making a pasta salad and I poured half of the […]