Hey loves! This is one topic I thought I’d never speak on but I’ve been surprising myself lately. So to begin with, let me just say I am not into accessories much, because I like to keep things very simple (it was such a struggle to find images of me with accessories). Just to be […]

I am a cliché

My favourite flowers are roses – yes, the red ones Old couples make me so happy, and young love makes me think, “Dear future husband, what’s taking you so long? I want to have adventures with you too! Don’t you think you have tested my patience enough?” And smiling babies with a cool afro, and […]

Missing the Silver Lining

When we moved back to Malawi some years past, I remember my parents telling us we were going to be living in the house they had been building. We were excited to move into our own home, something we had looked forward to for years… until I remembered that the house wasn’t done. The house […]