Introducing Faith-Victoria’s Crafts

Hello loves.

I am pleased to let you know that I have started to put my hands to good use and I’m making all kinds of crafts.

A little backstory:
It all started when I wanted a notebook, and never found one that I liked. So I decided to cover a notebook of mine with leftover Chitenje/Ankara/African Print fabric.

Then my mum saw it and wanted one. Then a friend. And now, this is my hustle y’all!

Some people also asked me to cover various items with Chitenje, so I’m ever learning and making new things all the time, like this glass case:

And it’s not pictured, but I also do Chitenje bookmarks.

I got into wall decor as well using Ankara/African Print.

Totally love this fabric!

I also fix books that are falling apart, especially bibles. This also started when someone asked me to fix their bible (something I had never done before):

The people close to me know how I always said I am not a crafts person. I totally wrote myself off when it comes to anything crafts (couldn’t even sew a button because I always messed it up). But I was having a lot of idle time (in between stressful job hunting and worrying that I am broke and useless at my big age – story for another day). I remembered a verse that has been very true and personal to me:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13.

I believe God has been leading me all along to arrive where I am and He has given me the ability to use my hands to keep myself going.

I also make flower borders on mirrors. This also started because of idleness. One day, I was bored and thought my mirror looked dull. I decided to use mum’s old flowers and attempt to make a border on the mirror in my room and bathroom. It came out better than I thought, and mum loved it!

She asked me to do more, so I did. I posted them on my Instagram story, and got a lot of nice comments.

Someone there suggested making this my hustle, and heeeey, here I am! I do this to mirrors:

…I’m not done yet, I also make these cute floating tea cups!

A huuuge thank you to my mum and friends who supported me when I was just starting (and needed somewhere to practice lol); for giving me a shout out (those go a long way – don’t ever underestimate the power of giving a small business a shout out, even a simple repost means a lot!), and all the constructive feedback that’s helped me improve.

So, hit me up for chitenje notebooks and diaries; wall and mirror decor; and to give those old books a new look (don’t throw them away!). Everything is affordable and custom made 😊

Send me a message on Whatsapp, let’s do business: +265994494241

Today was my first day displaying all my work at Zomba Forest Hill’s Festival at Pakachere Backpackers Lodge. It was totally AWESOME!

I really do believe all things work together for my good and I arrived here because of some painful closed doors. Looking back, I am grateful for them. I wouldn’t have discovered this love I have for such crafts. I actually can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

-Faith-Victoria x

P/S: I believe you can do and can be many things. It all begins with TRYING. Just try. Thank me later 😏

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