Seven reasons not to worry in the book of Matthew

The same God who created life in you can be trusted with details of your life. 6:25 Worry about the future hampers your efforts today. 6:26 Worry is more harmful then helpful. 6:27 God does not ignore those who depends on Him. 6:28-30 Worry shows a lack of faith and understanding of God. 6:31-32 There […]

What I did today, continued (23: 55)

Watched Just for laughs videos with dad. As usual, he banged the couch (or my shoulder) when he found something really funny Went into town, and went to nothing but charity shops. I didn’t have much money but I knew I wanted to spoil myself. Charity shops are a great place to shop, believe it […]

What I did today (…even though It’s only 11:01 am)

Watched “Don’t tell the bride” during my shift ‘round 1 am. Spoilt bride with a sweet bridegroom. Bride mourned a lot. Annoyed the hell outta me Dozed through my shift Dozed some more Managed to get the residents out of bed ON MY OWN :O for the first time Tried not to fall asleep on […]