Withered Roses

So the past week has been another tough week for me. I was ill and didn’t leave the house for a couple of days (come to think of it, all my recent posts have been about sickness. I promise my life is much more than the illnesses that attack me *smiles shyly*). Anyway. I went […]

The Bathroom Floor

I wrote this piece some weeks back and debated whether I should post it or not but I’ve been told to talk about these kind of experiences more, because that will somehow disempower some fears we have, such as death and dying. This is me at my most vulnerable, trying time. I know a lot […]

Journey to “Chikondi” Album

When I was still in college, my plan was to graduate, find a job in the Social Sciences and climb my way up that corporate ladder. It was all set out. In few years, I would be out of my parents’ house, living on my own somewhere, buying my own furniture and basically being the […]

Chikondi lyrics (with English translation)

CHIKONDI LYRICS Verse 1 Mukandiwona ine ndilinkulakwitsa (If you see me in error) Mundikonze mwa chikondi (Correct me with love) Kusiyana ndikuti mukawuze wina (Instead of going to tell someone else) Mundiphela chikoka changa (You will kill my influence) Tikamuwona mbale, mlongo, alinkulakwitsa (If we see a brother, sister, in error) Timukonze mwa chikondi (Let’s […]

2018: Yearly Round-up

If you asked me to describe 2018 in the shortest way possible, I would say it was slow, but it went by so fast. Do I even make sense? Anyway, here’s a round-up of all things 2018. Top 5 places I visited: One January morning, mom woke me up to drive her to Jokala because […]

My path as a Message Believer

I’ve thought about writing on this topic for a while – actually, years – and I’ve fought it for so long. This is because this is something very personal and I worried that some people may misunderstand me or call me a fanatic… ongozitengela or okokomeza. But I am finally writing about this simply because […]


I wrote a thread on leadership on Twitter some weeks back, and it got the attention that I wasn’t expecting. Several people said it was insightful, so I thought of sharing it here. So a friend of mine and I were talking and we happened to get into the topic of some harmful leadership habits. […]

The Grass was Fine

Some few weeks back, there was a day I was supposed to attend two events. I was excited and had worked hard towards the day. It finally arrived, and I had a grand time. The pictures I posted on social media that day got the attention of one of my friends, “wow Faith, I really […]

Kachere Kastle

If there’s an area that’s dear to my heart, it’s Northern Malawi. Nkhata-Bay was my home for a good four years because it’s where I went for boarding school, and I have always felt there’s a lot of hidden gems I am yet to visit in the North. On our way back home from my […]


Hey loves! This is one topic I thought I’d never speak on but I’ve been surprising myself lately. So to begin with, let me just say I am not into accessories much, because I like to keep things very simple (it was such a struggle to find images of me with accessories). Just to be […]