Red is a feeling

Red. My favourite colour in the world. A colour that demands to be seen. It attracts attention and gets me excited. On one end, red can mean anger and danger, but on the other end, red represents passion. Such a beautiful colour. My love for red came about in my late teens after a session […]

Singing in a Foreign Language

Growing up, my parents sent my siblings and I to a private school which was very strict with English and taught us using the British curriculum. When we get in through the gates, we weren’t supposed to speak any vernacular language. I grew up looking down on my mother tongue for most part of my […]

Let Me Feel

It’s been very hot the last couple of days. It was so hot that I even started to forget that it may rain. In the morning, I had a list of groceries to buy. Mum asked me to pass by the maize mill and collect some bags of gaga. “Aunt” (the maid) put it out […]

Walk Down Happiness Lane

Happy 2018!!! I finally got round to doing a check-up after I was diagnosed with pneumonia 3 months ago. This involved half of my right lung heavily infected which may have begun while I was doing a survey in Lilongwe. The x-ray shows that both of my lungs are functioning well again. I am completely […]

Not for Social Media

So I won’t lie to you, I spend a lot of my time on social media and I also take a lot of pictures (something I’m not ashamed of by the way, I love to keep my memories). I know people talk about how negatively social media is affecting us, and how we spend far […]

A Maroon Kinda Day

Hello loves!! So ‘summer’ is still upon us… The sun is surely shining down upon us. The rains are not in full swing… Yet. Here are Saturday’s outfits. Felt like wearing maroon on this particular day… Like, maroon is that colour I feel is underrated. It’s sooo beautiful. Not too bright, not dull either. Anyway, […]

Church: a Hospital for Sinners.

Over the weekend, I had a stomach bug that terribly weakened me. My dad and my friend Martha rushed me to MASM here in Zomba. There, we were directed to the nurses station, and I was put under drips and given some medication. I was also being monitored, so I was there for hours. Not […]

All things bright and beautiful

Colour. Nothing I love more on an outfit than colour. This blog post combines my post on colour and that on African print . The weather forecast made me feel so down because there was a good chance it would be cloudy and it would rain ? so I decided a bright outfit might cheer me up. […]

Wedding Guest: African Print

So, yesterday my mum just sprung news that we have to attend a wedding that we got invited to, and that she forgot to tell us earlier. I literally had very few minutes to get ready but thank God I had this dress I had made some time back, that I thought was perfect for […]


When I was young, about 7 or 8, there about, my brother and I followed my cousin Richard to wherever he was going (I don’t even remember) because I wanted to walk somewhere. We were walking down the Zomba Mental Hospital road, and I happened to cross the road, and a bicycle ran into me. […]