What if I died?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you died? If you think too much like me, then you probably even imagined your funeral. I have. A lot of times. Especially when I’ve collapsed, or fallen ill. Recently I got so ill I told mum I was going to die. But she replied, […]

For Richard Mussa (PhD)

The news that Dr Richard Mussa has passed on is very very hard to believe. Surely, this is a mistake? I just bumped into him in town the other day! He was alive and well, he looked very healthy. What was this? It took me so long to accept it; heck, I don’t even think […]

100 truths

Friend tagged me in this 7 years ago on Facebook. I’ll answer it now ? WHAT WAS YOUR: 1. Last beverage: Water 2. Last phone call: Taxi guy 3. Last text message: My friend Mercy 4. Last song you listened to: I WILL FOLLOW YOU – ANTHONY EVANS 5. Last time you cried: last night […]

Letter to my Babysis

14 December, 2016Babysis,Congratulations for the gazillion time for being selected to university. I can imagine how excited you are, the anxiety… all the stories you have heard about how difficult college life can be… I feel like I am talking to me, in 2012, when I was also selected and I didn’t know what to […]

The Wrong Route

Last week, I was by my best friend’s home in Blantyre, and I had to return home on a Wednesday morning. Dad was also in Blantyre and he said he would come by and pick me up early in the morning. So I got ready and waited for him to pick me up. Within minutes, […]

My Ugly Hairstyle

I grew up in a small ‘city’ and we went to a small church, which I still go to, till date. So basically everyone knows everyone and you can’t do something without your neighbour knowing about it. I remember how I had this view of how all the elders in our church were ‘judgy’ and […]

The Power of Words

While cooking yesterday, I hurriedly tried to put back some spices in a cupboard and ended up dropping my smart phone, which was in the pocket of my oversized hoodie. The screen went blank. I panicked. I tried to switch it on. Nothing. I hit it (because somehow that fixes some electronic appliances). Blank. I […]

23 Things I learnt before I turned 23

1. Life may not go as you planned. You may still be in college at 23 and not be an independent lady, adulting and winning at life, and that is okay. Pace yourself.2. You are going to make mistakes; lots of them. Don’t be afraid to tell your Heavenly Father that you have messed up […]

This Is the Promise- OUT 26.04.16

Hello all. I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Faith Victoria Tsoka and I have a passion for music. I know how cliché I am about to sound; It is the story of almost every singer on any competition, but it holds true to me and  it is how my journey began: […]

Prayer of gratitude

Dear God, I humbly come before you today. I know I always come and ask for something… but Lord, today, I’m here to thank you. I know, I know… I won’t even ask for a day better than yesterday. My heart is filled with gratitude, and I want to spill it down at your feet. […]