Life Currently (February 2020)

A happy new year to you! (Is it too late? Pffft there are no rules to this, receive my new year greeting with glee please). I’m hoping 2020 has started with a great big bang. How are we doing with the resolutions? Kapena that’s an area we shouldn’t even talk about? Tiyamba za serious later? […]

Introducing Faith-Victoria’s Crafts

Hello loves. I am pleased to let you know that I have started to put my hands to good use and I’m making all kinds of crafts. A little backstory: It all started when I wanted a notebook, and never found one that I liked. So I decided to cover a notebook of mine with […]

Life Currently (July, 2019)

Hello loves! It’s been over a month since I had a new blog post. Please be assured, it’s been a tough month of nagging myself to write, while fighting the urge to put up a meaningless post, just for the sake of it. But I decided to update y’all on my life currently so some […]

My path as a Message Believer

I’ve thought about writing on this topic for a while – actually, years – and I’ve fought it for so long. This is because this is something very personal and I worried that some people may misunderstand me or call me a fanatic… ongozitengela or okokomeza. But I am finally writing about this simply because […]

25: I Am Still Learning

The weeks leading up to my 25th year were the hardest for me. It was like someone had just dropped a tonne of bricks (lol) on me. I started to feel really old, and anxiety kicked in. This time, it wasn’t necessarily “what have you even achieved, Fai?” but, “wow, time is going by so […]

Staying afloat: On the Journey to a Breakthrough

I usually don’t do a month catch up, or something regular to talk about how my life is going (because I don’t want to commit to something I won’t follow through. I also don’t have an exciting life to keep that running), but hey, I think I need to sit down, breathe, and talk about […]


If there’s one thing I commend my father for, is the reading habit that he instilled in us. When we were in primary school, he made us go to the National Library. He made us members and we would borrow 2 books at a time. The National Library in Zomba is located at Luangwa Parish. […]

What if I died?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you died? If you think too much like me, then you probably even imagined your funeral. I have. A lot of times. Especially when I’ve collapsed, or fallen ill. Recently I got so ill I told mum I was going to die. But she replied, […]

My Ugly Hairstyle

I grew up in a small ‘city’ and we went to a small church, which I still go to, till date. So basically everyone knows everyone and you can’t do something without your neighbour knowing about it. I remember how I had this view of how all the elders in our church were ‘judgy’ and […]

Growing Pains

Today while moving things around in the house, my little sister came across a notebook which had my nickname on it and handed it to me. I immediately recognized the notebook! It was my journal, from 6 years ago!!! I immediately sat down and went through it. I almost never go through my old journals… […]