Your Mental Health Matters Too (Guest Post)

Each time I’ve thought of sharing about this I’ve stopped myself. I’ve thought, “there are real problems out there than just having low self-esteem. Anthu akuvutika kunjaku”. I find that telling someone they shouldn’t be upset about something because there are other bigger things to be upset about, is a bit like telling someone not […]

25: I Am Still Learning

The weeks leading up to my 25th year were the hardest for me. It was like someone had just dropped a tonne of bricks (lol) on me. I started to feel really old, and anxiety kicked in. This time, it wasn’t necessarily “what have you even achieved, Fai?” but, “wow, time is going by so […]

How to be Unhappy in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Compare your life with your neighbor’s, your friends, classmates and right about anyone you meet. They have a new car? Quick! You must get one better than that! If you can’t, be sure to whine about how your life sucks and how “good things don’t happen to good people”. 2. Surround yourself with people […]

100 truths

Friend tagged me in this 7 years ago on Facebook. I’ll answer it now ? WHAT WAS YOUR: 1. Last beverage: Water 2. Last phone call: Taxi guy 3. Last text message: My friend Mercy 4. Last song you listened to: I WILL FOLLOW YOU – ANTHONY EVANS 5. Last time you cried: last night […]

Letter to my Babysis

14 December, 2016Babysis,Congratulations for the gazillion time for being selected to university. I can imagine how excited you are, the anxiety… all the stories you have heard about how difficult college life can be… I feel like I am talking to me, in 2012, when I was also selected and I didn’t know what to […]

23 Things I learnt before I turned 23

1. Life may not go as you planned. You may still be in college at 23 and not be an independent lady, adulting and winning at life, and that is okay. Pace yourself.2. You are going to make mistakes; lots of them. Don’t be afraid to tell your Heavenly Father that you have messed up […]

5 lists of 10’s

So I am still very much in love with lists 😛 and I decided to make some more. Worst feelings: Being ignored Realizing you hurt someone you love Getting a crappy grade on a paper you worked hard on Being told off Hearing a nasty rumour about yourself Hearing a nasty rumour about someone you […]

I love lists.

I see so many “Life hack” “tips and tricks” accounts these days. Here are a few personal tips from my few years on planet Earth. Never cheapen out on toothbrushes. Don’t believe that all toothbrushes are the same. Listen to music as you get ready for your day. Buy white items. They force you to […]

7 songs I would like on my funeral

People who truly know me know I love singing like nothing else! So I have a simple request. These songs have meant a lot to me while on my journey, so I would like them to be sung after I have taken my last breath. If you don’t, it’s okay. It’s not like I’m gonna […]

My thoughts as I walked from my room to class

I knew I shouldn’t have worn this jacket. It’s getting hot and I look ridiculous. I should have worn that dress instead. Why does that guy keep pulling his pants up? I bet it’s cause male belts are expensive… Wait, are they? Maybe. Girls’ accessories are cheap, so they say. Thank YOU, kaunjika! WHY DO […]